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Ark Survival Evolved

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Ark: Survival Evolved Overview

Ark: Survival Evolved is a sandbox survival game developed and published by Studio Wildcard. Players are stranded on a lush tropical island inhabited by mammoth dinosaurs. Survive by scavenging resources to craft tools and build a home to withstand the elements. Pick seeds and plant them, collecting dinosaur excrement to fertilize your farm. Or build improvised weapons to hunt prehistoric beasts for their hides and meat. As you play you level up in RPG-fashion, earning points to increase your stats and unlocking new craftable items. Tame ancient reptiles with food to assist you as pack mules, or ride them to fly, swim, and run faster across the sprawling landscape. Every animal in Ark obeys a predatorial hierarchy and wanders a specific ecosystem; tamed Dodo birds won’t do much good against a pack of velociraptors. While dinosaurs pose a threat, it’s humans who will kill you without mercy or provocation. Join a tribe with other players and create a thriving community, sharing resources and working together to survive. Or, raid other tribes for loot, in fast-paced and brutal PvP.

Ark: Survival Evolved Key Features:

  • Tame wildlife - over 25 different kinds of dinosaurs to befriend and ride with more being added regularly.

  • Base building - simple tools make it easy to construct buildings so long as you have the required skills and resources.

  • Tribal PvP - join a tribe with other players to forge a community, or raid other tribe’s bases for rare resources and glory.

  • Huge open world - a gorgeous jungle landscape to explore and extensive underwater environments with hidden coves.

  • Dynamic weather system - endure the unforgiving heat, frigid cold, and monsoon rainstorms in an ever-changing environment.


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